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Untold Tales

It is said everyone has a story to tell and writing a book remains one of the most widely held ambitions and yet few ever get round to putting pen to paper. But increasingly people are finding other ways to record their life stories to share with future generations. Untold Tales, a new enterprising business in Lancashire is offering to ghost write and publish autobiographies for individuals with a story to tell.

The person behind Untold Tales, Lancashire journalist Sam Bruce wanted to utilise her background in writing to help people achieve their dream of publishing a book. Similarly to the process of ANAGYBETŰS, she takes care of the professional interviewing, writing and editing to capture the story in a client’s own voice and to help ensure their story is recorded for posterity. Then her firm organises the design and printing to produce the finished book. These are intended to be private projects and the author decides who reads their book and what goes in it.

Bruce explains: “While writing a life story, the author’s personality shines through when they describe dilemmas they faced, personal battles won or lost, and the people, places and events that were so significant in moulding their personality.” Understanding the life of a grandparent or parent gives the next generation context to their own life. This is especially relevant as society finds itself changing as never before thanks to online technology.

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